Thank you for visiting! Words of a Wife was a Divinely inspired charge given to me: TO WRITE. To share the lessons, wisdom and insight God has given me about being a woman, wife, mother, and everything in between.

I live in the midwest with my loving husband and three precious daughters.  My days are spent taking care of my home, family, and serving in ministry. I am always very busy, juggling many responsibilities and sometimes feeling I accepted one too many hats. There are days I have fought to hold onto Faith and the Word that God has spoken concerning my life. As I learn to seek Him and STAY in the Spirit and in a place of prayer–being grounded in the WORD–my life becomes ordered, peaceful, joyful. I learn how to stand on every promise He has given me, what it means to walk by faith and live ONLY by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD. His WORD is more precious to me than anything I could ever possess.

I love family days with my husband and daughter, reading, writing, meditating on the Word of God, deep conversation with good friends, shopping days with my mom and sister, and a warm vacation every now and then.

My goal each day is to live my life to the Glory of God. I haven’t figured everything out (I don’t ever plan to) but what I DO know, I write. I’d love it if you’d join me on this journey–connecting through these words.

This isn’t a disclaimer, but you should know that I am a Christian–very boldly, and this blog will always unashamedly declare my Biblical worldview.

I welcome your comments, questions and prayer requests. Or perhaps a topic you would like to see discussed in my blog. Please Contact Me. I would love to hear from you!

Blessings to you!



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